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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Social Boost will always keep your order and personal information anonymous. It's one of the reasons why many users stick to us for our services!

On average, when you buy YouTube views from Social Boost, you'll start to see results within 12 hours! Sometimes, orders do get delayed, but that rarely happens!

Of course not! Any provider that needs your YouTube channel login details are scammers. Do not fall for it! We do not (and will never) ask for your password or your login credentials. We only need the link to the video that you want to promote.

  • You get more ad revenue for your videos. The more views you have and the more views you buy, the more monetized playbacks you’ll get (which means more ad revenue).
  • People tends to click on videos that have a high amount of views (over 50K+ views is usually where you would want to be). If you have 1K views on a video, no one would really want to click on your video. Which is why it is suggest for small YouTube channels to buy YouTube views to boost their rankings.
  • The fact is, many people are already buying hundreds of thousands of YouTube views. Alot YouTubers aren’t saying anything about it since they don’t want you to know that it works and how it has helped their channel grow exponentially.

Yes! We put our customers' sanctification number 1 and we test everything before we provide the services!

That being said, we ensure the quality of our views while maintaining a very cheap price!

BTW, make sure to check out our guide on how to grow your YouTube channel

Yes! However, the minimum amount of views you can split per video is 1000. This means if you buy 1000 views, we can only promote one video. If you buy 2000 views, we can promote two videos and so on...

Your video will never get banned from using our services. However, you do risk getting banned by buying from other companies that are offering YouTube comments. When you buy YouTube comments, YouTube can easily detect that, which risks your YouTube channel! So how do you know if a company is good or not? Well, one of main solutions to this, is to actually buy YouTube views from them and see how it goes. Other solutions can be checking out the company’s TrustPilot page, where real buyers go and leave feedback for a company. Check out our Trustpilot Reviews page here. Buy real YouTube views and get your channel growing!


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