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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! There's no reason why you can't buy YouTube views. YouTube does not interfere and will not know unless you are getting spammed (by that, we mean low quality views, which are offered by alot of the other companies). For payment wise, we accept both PayPal and Credit Card, which are trusted and used by millions of people. For Credit Card, we use SSL, which ensures your information security and protects you from fraudulent activities! Buy views on YouTube now!

Make sure to check out on some common mistakes that you could be making that's hurting your YouTube channel!

Your video will never get banned from using our services. However, you do risk getting banned by buying from other companies that are offering YouTube comments. When you buy YouTube comments, YouTube can easily detect that, which risks your YouTube channel! So how do you know if a company is good or not? Well, one of main solutions to this, is to actually buy YouTube views from them and see how it goes. Other solutions can be checking out the company’s TrustPilot page, where real buyers go and leave feedback for a company. Check out our Trustpilot Reviews page here. Buy real YouTube views and get your channel growing!

Yes! We put our customers' sanctification number 1 and we test everything before we provide the services!

That being said, we ensure the quality of our views while maintaining a very cheap price!

BTW, make sure to check out our guide on how to grow your YouTube channel

  • You get more ad revenue for your videos. The more views you have and the more views you buy, the more monetized playbacks you’ll get (which means more ad revenue).
  • People tends to click on videos that have a high amount of views (over 50K+ views is usually where you would want to be). If you have 1K views on a video, no one would really want to click on your video. Which is why it is suggest for small YouTube channels to buy YouTube views to boost their rankings.
  • The fact is, many people are already buying hundreds of thousands of YouTube views. Alot YouTubers aren’t saying anything about it since they don’t want you to know that it works and how it has helped their channel grow exponentially.

Well, since we are providing real promotions, we can assure you that you will still get paid even if you buy YouTube views. The amount of money you get from the views you buy can be significantly lower, however, in the long run, you'll see a great increase in ad revenue (that's if you are dedicated and continue to put out content daily).

That's great! However, before you buy views on YouTube, let us ask you some questions.

-What are your goals as a YouTuber?

-How much are you willing to invest (money AND time)?

Now, if you are dedicated to growing your channel, then the answer to the second question should be a yes. After you reviewed your answer from question #1, you should get an idea if you should really buy views on YouTube or not. If you decided to buy views, awesome! We'll be gladly to help you and your YouTube channel grow. Click here to see how to buy YouTube views cheap!

We do offer 1 million YouTube views! But before you buy 1 million YouTube views from us, here's something you should know.

-It will take longer to start, since we need to gather information and take screenshots of current viewcount

-Views will be delivered slowly

Although we do provide 1 million YouTube views, we highly suggest you to not to buy it (well, unless you are a music artist or have a HUGE following already). You should not buy 1 million views if you have a small fan base, since it really wouldn't do anything except getting one of your videos viral.

Here’s a simple question. Do you think you can grow a channel and be where you want to be at within the next few months? The answer, unfortunately, is no. Growing a channel in 2020 is hard, especially with everything being saturated. Buy views on YouTube can really help you grow!

You should ONLY buy YouTube views for the benefits and achieving your dreams! If YouTube is your hobby and you like where you are right now, then that’s fine (for this case, buying YouTube views won’t really help you). But if you are dedicated and really want to make YouTube your career, then you should really think about buying YouTube views to increase your natural viewers, rankings and ad revenue. Our cheap YouTube views can get you to the top!

Yes! However, the minimum amount of views you can split per video is 1000. This means if you buy 1000 views, we can only promote one video. If you buy 2000 views, we can promote two videos and so on...

NEVER. Buying fake views can really hurt your YouTube channel! Since our number 1 goal is to help YouTubers grow their channel, we make sure that we are providing high quality views! Try us once and you'll never regret it!

Of course not! Any provider that needs your YouTube channel login details are scammers. Do not fall for it! We do not (and will never) ask for your password or your login credentials. We only need the link to the video that you want to promote.

Great question! The answer is no. A few years ago, that would be a great way to increase your view count. However, this method no longer works.

Watching a video on repeated or looped will not increase viewership. It might actually lead to a ban on the channel due to the fact that you are being "spammy". Make sure to stop looping your videos if you are doing it right now!

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I'm very satisfied. It was delivered quickly and I got exactly what I ordered. the prices are great and questions are answered immediately.



This website was great and easy to use. I highly recommend it as it is cheap and easy to navigate!

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Bought 1000 IG followers and so far none of them dropped. Exceeded my expectations by providing followers with profile pictures with some content on them


Instagram Influencer

Very good. Would recommend to anyone trying to get over the YouTube hump of starting.

Daily Gaming


Growing Your YouTube Channel In 2021

Last Updated: June 10th, 2021


Are you uploading videos everyday, dedicating your time to grow your YouTube channel, and you’re seeing ZERO results. First of all, everyone’s been there. ALL YouTubers start out with nothing, and ONLY 3% of the YouTubers (read more about the study here) are successful


If you just have YouTube as a hobby and you are unsure about doing YouTube, don’t worry, read along on how you can grow your YouTube channel and it might inspire you to start one!

1. Dedication and Passion

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As stated before, the MOST important tip that someone can give you for growing a YouTube channel is having dedication, passion and actually taking action!


Growing/Starting a YouTube channel is difficult. Without spending tons of hours on creating high quality content, your channel will see no success for a very long time. 


We really want to hammer this into your heads as this is the foundation of everything: Do you want to be successful? You gotta be dedicated, passionate and do the hard work!

2. Creating Daily Content

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The YouTube Gaming category’s viewership went up by 20% percent alone!


Usually, we would suggest you to post 3 times a week or 2 times a week. However, due to the fact that most people on the planet are staying home and watching YouTube (other social media platform), we suggest you to create daily content!


Not only creating daily content can skyrocket your YouTube video’s ranking, it also creates more royal viewers! (Side note: When your video ranks higher, the more viewers you’ll get)


How does it create more royal viewers? 


Chances are, people are already creating more content than usual. The viewers wants to be entertained, and if you aren’t able to satisfy that need, they’ll move onto another YouTuber. The viewer probably won’t come back to your channel (unless you’re creating top notch content).


Make sure to take advantage of this time and pump out content like you’ve never before!

3. Optimizing, Optimizing, and... Optimizing...

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You’ve probably heard this countless times, so we’ll keep it short for you.


  • Create “click-bait” thumbnails. However, make sure the thumbnail does represent the video.


  • Create long and SEO optimized titles


  • Make sure to write long descriptions (YouTube loves this)

4. Invest In A Good Company

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In a time like this, where viewerships are going through the roof, you should be trying your best to maximize your channel’s growth.


We recommend a company that is focused on helping YouTube and that offers high quality services. Finding a good company is vital and important, due to the fact that you really don’t want to waste your hard earned money on some fake botted views. We’re not being biased. The fact is, we are providing real YouTube views at the lowest cost. 


That being said, if you aren’t ready to invest, that’s totally fine! You can just follow the 3 steps above and you’ll grow. However, you’ll be missing out on this opportunity which might never happen (where viewership skyrockets by 20% for a SINGLE category).


Whether you’re going to buy YouTube services or not, it’s comes down to you. Either you’re passionate or you’re not. Like we’ve stated before, if you aren’t willing to put in the time to create content, then buying YouTube services will not benefit you. 


But if you’re looking for a company that provides high quality YouTube services, take a shot at us! We have a 100% money back guarantee, so there’s literally ZERO risk! Take advantage of this pandemic and achieve your YouTube dreams!


Looking For Real YouTube Views?

Nowadays, it is really hard to get your YouTube channel out there. Everything is saturated and alot of people are posting content. Having a consistent upload schedule is more important than ever since many YouTubers are buying YouTube views to increase their channel growth and their ad revenue. Don't wait until it gets too late and buy cheap real YouTube views now!

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