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We Will Help You To Achieve Your YouTube Dream

So why buy YouTube likes from us? There are many companies out there offering similar services with huge customer base and great reviews: So why would you choose us? Well, we offer high quality, premium services at a ridiculously cheap price! You tell us, why would someone buy something that's exactly the same for more than 2 times the price?

Our Mission

To help YouTubers grow their audience, popularity and greatly improve their ad revenue at the lowest cost.

Premium Services

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The more engagements (likes) a video gets, the higher the video ranks! Which gets you more natural viewers 😀

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Our services have long lasting effects! You will see an increase in natural views and in your video's popularity.


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Trust Us With Your Channel And We'll Do The Rest

Select your desired amount of likes. Enter your YouTube video link (at checkout). Enter your payment method. Leave the hard work to us. It's that simple!

We know the pain that YouTubers have. They are generally very busy on editing, creating, and planning new videos. This leaves out time for a crucial part of YouTube success: marketing.

Without marketing, it will be very... very... very... very hard for your videos to grow and attract viewers. Not only we can save you time, letting the professionals do the hard work at a very low cost is a great investment!


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Buy YouTube Views Now!

It is already very hard to grow YouTube channels. Everything is getting saturated, more people are posting and uploading videos. Plus, many YouTubers are now seeing how buying YouTube views can dramatically improve their channel growth and their ad revenue. Don't wait until it gets too late!


What We've Found From This Study Shouldn't Surprise You...

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From over 10,000 keywords and search results, there's no doubt that there's a relationship between the number of views and the rank of the video. It's really simple, the more views you have, the higher your video ranks, which results in more natural viewers, which ranks your video even higher (this loop goes on and on and on...)!

With over 5 billions videos watched every day on YouTube, it's common sense for business owners, music artists, vloggers and other entertainment categories to use YouTube to build their audience. However, growing their channel is the hard part. Yes, ten years ago, all you had to do is refresh your YouTube video's page to get millions of views. Now, with YouTube algorithms updating every week, it's hard to "bypass" and cheat their system.

This is where we step in. We do offer botted, fake views, which is what every other company is offering. There's no negative consequences and YouTube will never find out. But keep in mind, when you buy fake views, the views tends to drop alot (of course, refills will be given). This is why we recommend you to buy real views, since it has more benefits (increase in ranking, increase in ad revenue) and the views does not drop.

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How To Buy YouTube Likes?

How do you buy YouTube likes? Well, all you have to do is click here. Select your desired likes package. Enter billing details. Then you're done! Sit back, relax, and you'll see organic traffic and your YouTube like count to increase.

Is It Safe To Buy YouTube Likes?

Of course! There's no reason why you can't buy YouTube likes. YouTube does not interfere and will not know unless you are getting spammed (which you won't be). For payment wise, we accept both PayPal (if PayPal doesn't work, you can use Apple Pay on your iPhone and pay that way) and Credit Card, which are trusted and used by millions of people.

Will My Video Get Banned If I Buy YouTube Likes?

Your video will never get banned from using our services. However, you do risk getting banned buying from other companies that are offering YouTube comments. Buying comments is considered as spam, which can get you banned. So how do you know if a company is good or not? Well, one of main solutions to this, is to actually buy YouTube views from them and see how it goes. Other solutions can be checking out the company’s TrustPilot page, where real buyers go and leave feedback for a company.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying YouTube Likes?

  • You get more ad revenue for your videos. The more engagements you have on your video, the higher your video ranks! This increases your monetized playback, which increases the ad revenue.


  • People tends to click on videos that have a high amount of views (over 50K+ views is usually where you would want to be). If you have 1K views on a video, no one would really want to click on your video. Which is why it is suggest for small YouTube channels to buy YouTube views to boost their rankings.


  • The fact is, many people are already buying hundreds of thousands of YouTube views AND thousands of YouTube likes. Alot YouTubers aren’t saying anything about it since they don’t want you to know that it works and how it has helped their channel grow exponentially. The likes increases the engagement, which ranks your video higher!

What Happens When I Buy YouTube Likes From Social Boost?

Within the first 12 hours, you should start to see a difference in your likes count. After a week, your video will start ranking higher (the more views you buy, the higher your video ranks AND the more likes you buy, higher your video ranks) and attracting more natural views. For bigger channels (or if you want to go viral), we suggest you to buy 100,000 YouTube views + 4,000 Likes on some of your videos to exponentially increase your ad revenue, natural viewers and popularity in the long run.

Why Should I Buy YouTube Likes?

Here’s a simple question. Do you think you can grow a channel and be where you want to be at within the next few months? The answer, unfortunately, is no. Growing a channel in 2020 is hard, especially with everything being saturated.


THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! With the Coronavirus, YouTube Gaming viewers went up by 15% and it’s still increasing! By capitalizing on this, you may achieve your YouTube success dream! By buying views, your video ranks higher since likes is counted as engagements. The more engagements a video has, the higher the video ranks.

Don't Wait Until It's TOO LATE!

The people that started buying YouTube views consistently 1-4 years ago are the ones that are now generating more than 1 million views per day (naturally). Most of them were skeptical, but they jumped onto the “buying views” train and gave our services a try. Many of the YouTubers dropped after a month since they were looking for quick results, which will not happen. The YouTubers that stuck with us and consistently bought from us are now living their dreams!


Not only the ad revenue paid off this investment, they were earning more than they’ve imagined. All because of one decision: to start buying YouTube views (of course they uploaded consistently and optimized their thumbnails). It’s not late to get on the “buying views” train. You still have time… But the likelihood of your YouTube channel success will be lowered every time someone uploads an video in your niche. Let us help you grow and achieve your dreams!