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Why Should You Buy TikTok Likes?

Tiktok-xd (9)

By the second, more and more people are going onto TikTok and they see the platform as a great opportunity to go viral with their content (it’s 100% true! Unlike YouTube, TikTok is WAYYY easier to go viral as of 2020). However, due to TikTok getting banned in the U.S, more than 49 million people will now move to Instagram reels. This is a great opportunity for you to go viral on Instagram reels!


Many content creators are already buying TikTok likes, fans and views just to get the competitive edge. Which means as time goes on and the more people are on TikTok, the harder it gets to go viral. Buy TikTok hearts and exponentially increase your chances of going viral and onto the #foryou page!

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Don’t miss out on this BIG opportunity! Many customers that bought from us have shown great results! Although our services are high quality and cheap, what’s more important is the “real life” improvements that your tiktok profile receives. 


Once we deliver our service, you’ll not only see an increase in the number of likes that you got from us, you’ll also see an increase in the number of fans and tiktok views! This is all natural growth and with the right amount of likes, your tiktok video may just go onto the for-you page and go viral! 

Were You Tricked By The “Instant Delivery” Services?

Tiktok-xd (9)

We’ve all heard of it. Many companies state that they offer instant delivery services and have high quality services. But what you don’t know is that they’ve been tricking you (we always try out our competitors services before we provide ours). 


Not only the likes that the other companies provide drop, the fake likes that they provide can also hurt your tiktok account. Of course, there are good companies out there but so far, our services have been proven to be the cheapest while being high quality. Try us out today and you won’t be disappointed by our tiktok likes service!

So... How Do I Go Viral?

Tiktok-xd (11)

We’re not trying to be the tiktok guru, but here’s the thing, if you want to go viral, you’ll have to get featured on the for-you page. If you don’t, then it’ll be impossible for you to grow your account.


Our company, Social Boost, conducted several studies and the results showed that there are three KEY factors for you to get on the for-you page:


The number of TikTok views heavily decides whether or not your TikTok is going to get featured… 

The number of TikTok likes also plays an important role in getting your TikToks on the for-you page.

The number of TikTok shares, comments and followers also increased the chances of going viral.


If you don’t start creating content now for TikTok, it will be too late! Use us as a tool to promote your TikToks, but never as your go to thing! Buy high quality tiktok followers and gain more popularity for your tiktok account!


Here’s more information on why you should use TikTok to get famous and to grow your business! Some Important TikTok Stats.

Ok. But Why Buy TikTok Likes Services From Us?

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So why should you buy followers from us? That’s a great question! Here’re some of the reasons that you should be considering to buy from us…


-Our customer support will solve any issues or answer any of your questions within 6 hours!

-We guarantee fast delivery! Your order will be delivered within 24 hours of purchase. Do not use “instant delivery” and “only real” followers. They’re likely spammy and have low quality followers that do not have TikTok profile pictures!

-We do not need your tiktok account password and we always deliver extras!

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