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Secrets Of Going Viral: Consistent Upload! (and others)

Tiktok-xd (9)

Are your TikToks only getting 100 views no matter what you do? Are you frustrated with your limited TikTok growth and the number of fans you’re getting? Do you want to get more popular and have a chance to go viral? Before we go in-depth on how you can go viral by buying tiktok fans, please remember this…

We're Not About The "Get Famous Quick Scheme"

Tiktok-xd (10)

We’re not here to say that you can go viral or go on the for-you page overnight. Even for other social media platforms and anything in life, there’s nothing you can do to be successful overnight…


No matter how much tiktok followers you buy, if you do not create tiktoks every day, your chances of getting featured or going viral is just as impossible if you don’t buy tiktok followers. You’ll need to be dedicated and actually create tiktoks every day to have a chance of going viral! Alright, enough of that, let’s get right into the guide.

How Important Is Having More TikTok Followers?

Tiktok-xd (9)
Although TikTok followers do not play a huge role compared to TikTok views, TikTok likes and TikTok comments, it is helpful to have more followers. If you want to get more popular, the more followers you have, the more likely someone will follow. If you own a business, having more TikTok followers can show that you are a trustworthy company and can really boost your sales!

So... How Do I Go Viral?

Tiktok-xd (11)

We’re not trying to be the tiktok guru, but here’s the thing, if you want to go viral, you’ll have to get featured on the for-you page. If you don’t, then it’ll be impossible for you to grow your account.


One of the things you can do without paying money is to add relevant hashtags. The more hashtags you have, the more likely you’ll get seem by others (don’t put too much of course). However, if you do have money to speed up the process, read below! 


Our company, Social Boost, conducted several studies and the results showed that there are three KEY factors for you to get on the for-you page:


The number of TikTok views heavily decides whether or not your TikTok is going to get featured… (buy tiktok views here)

The number of TikTok likes also plays an important role in getting your TikToks on the for-you page.

The number of TikTok shares, comments and followers also increased the chances of going viral.


If you don’t start creating content now for TikTok, it will be too late! Use us as a tool to promote your TikToks, but never as your go to thing! Buy high quality tiktok followers and gain more popularity for your tiktok account!


Here’s more information on why you should use TikTok to get famous and to grow your business! Some Important TikTok Stats.

Ok. But Why Buy TikTok Fans Services From Us?

Tiktok-xd (12)

So why should you buy followers from us? That’s a great question! Here’re some of the reasons that you should be considering to buy from us…


-Our customer support will solve any issues or answer any of your questions within 6 hours!

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-We do not need your tiktok account password and we always deliver extras!

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