8 Common Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your Channel

“Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to error that counts.”

If you want to grow your YouTube channel in 2020, make sure to check out our in-depth guide here. Before you go there, make sure to read the top 8 mistakes that you could be making that’s hurting your channel’s growth!

1. Misleading Titles

This is a big one. 


We’ve all seen it. We’ve all hated it. The moment that we realize that we’re getting clickbaited, we immediately dislike the video and report the video (ok, maybe not that severe, but you get the point). There really isn’t much to say… justdon’tmakeclickbait titles!

2. Choppy / Excessive Editing

Editing is great! But, as the saying goes, “too much of anything is bad…”

We’ve seen it in many videos that we promote and videos that we watch on social media. 

When there’s too much going on; with noises, animations, sound effects, video effects, etc, people tend to lose interest and they don’t know what to focus on. Editing is great, but editing for every second of the video is excessive. 

3. Bad Audio

Just imagine you’re watching a video and every second or so the audio is cutting out or popping in your ears. Would you want to continue the video? 

No! This is why you would want to invest in a decent microphone. Here’re some microphones that we’ve used and recommended.

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4. Custom Thumbnails

It’s 2020! You need to be creating thumbnails and putting time into designing one. 

Plus, you don’t need to know anything about designing or Photoshop! You can just use a FREE drag-and-drop tool online and make yourself a beautiful thumbnail. 

All you need is some images (you can grab them off of google or screenshot them yourself) and you’re set! 

5. Not Optimizing Your Video

So what do we mean by that? 

Well, many people think that once they are done with their video and uploaded it on YouTube, they’re finished. However, that’s not the case! If you do not optimize your description, title and tags, NO ONE is going to find your videos. 

Optimizing Your Video: 

  • Writing your YouTube description around the targeted keyword (ex. if your video is about “how to make money”, then “how to make money” term should appear in your description more than once)
  • Putting in related and long-tailed keywords for your tags (ex. so for the term “how to make money”, you can put other terms like: “how to make money online”, “make money in 2020”, etc)

6. Community: Not Responding To Comments

Building an audience is hard. So if you don’t pay attention to the comments and you don’t reply to them, it will make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for you to grow an audience. 

Our suggestion is to reply to comments within 24 hours and give them answers. This will show people that you actually care about them and they’ll watch your videos in return!

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7. Using Low Quality YouTube Services

If you are ever going to buy YouTube promotion services (sometimes companies call them organic YouTube promotion), you gotta make sure the services that the company is providing are high quality and have great customer support.

Buying low quality YouTube views not only hurts your channel, but it can also bring attention to YouTube, which can result in your YouTube channel getting banned! There are only a few companies out there that are actually providing quality, real YouTube services. 

Buying views is great, but we recommend you to buy high retention YouTube views (targeted audience is also great) instead of the “normal views“. Watch time for a YouTube video plays a huge role in the YouTube algorithm, so investing your money into high retention views can exponentially grow your channel in the long run. Finally onto our last and final tip ?

8. Not Spending Time: Especially RIGHT NOW!

Viewership for the gaming category alone went up by 20% on YouTube! 20 PERCENT! 

You’ll probably never be able to have an opportunity like this AGAIN to grow your channel. 

Here’s what we recommend you to do (remember, use us as a tool! We can help you succeed, but we cannot make you succeed. You’ll have to put in the hard work and grind out high quality content).

  • Post daily, if not at least 3 videos a week
  • Use the mentioned tips above
  • Invest in our high retention YouTube views
  • Invest some money on engagement services (YouTube likes)

If you do this every week for the next few months, we can almost guarantee you’ll have a successful YouTube channel (by that, we mean 50,000+ views per day). BUT, this all depends on you. If you want to succeed, you gotta put in time, effort and investment!